French Riviera is a Mediterranean coastline that is located in the southern part of France. Monaco, the richest state of the world is the French Riviera which had been nicknamed as the Cote d’Azur or Azure (Blue) coast in the latter half of the 19th century. besides its art and culture, this region is known for its beaches, crystal clear water and most importantly, some of the best casinos in Europe. Be prepared before you enter the casinos in France. Get the latest free spins bonuses from the top online casinos on the page. Practice and improve for a greater chance to win.


The Best French Cities for Gambling

Here is a list of the best cites located in the Mediterranean coast that gives you the perfect experience of gambling by taking it a notch up.

Monte Carlo, Monaco isn’t called the tax haven home for no reason. Besides the city with its beautiful people, this city gives you the most aristocratic environment for gambling.

Paris is more famous for its Eiffel tower than its best quality as they are only a few in number. But those who believe in quality over quantity will endorse that the casinos in Paris can beat any British casino anytime.

Other than these the cities of Marseille, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Nice is also well known for some of the best casinos in Europe.

Popular French Casinos

France is known for all the quality things in the world but among all of the land casinos. However, before going to one of them, practice playing online for free with casino bonus codes from INetBetNoDeposit. Why let casinos have the upper hand every time? Here is a list of the best French casinos.

  1. CASINO LE LYON VERT: the residents of Lyon claim casinos to be their favorite pastime despite having so many other options.
  2. CASINO DEAUVILLE: it is one of the most luxurious casino resort of the country that gives you the experience of fine living along with the best casino
  3. CASINO BARRIÈRE ENGHIEN-LES-BAINS: a luxurious resort cum casino that offers a plethora of casino games and slot games to blow your mind and come back again and again.
  4. CASINO BARRIÈRE LE RUHL DE NICE: the casinos of nice have a class of their own. A small city yet elegant and full of amiable people, that also succeeds to give you a wonderful experience in gambling
  5. CASINO MONTE-CARLO: anyone who knows James bond will know the Casino Monte Carlo, one of the most popular casinos in the world situated in the city of Monaco. This casino is elite and entry is restricted only to the eminent celebrities.

Games, Slots, And Jackpots

Some of the best casinos in Europe offer the best casino games and the slot games in the world. The casino games include the  Blackjack Games, Roulette Games and the variety of slot game that the legal casinos will offer is sure to spoil you with a choice.

Online Casino Alternatives for Gambling

Besides the land-based casinos, the online casino sites have also gained popularity due to its portability and the choice to play games for free. These online casinos offer variable casino bonus that doesn’t let the gamblers invest any money from their own pocket and win real money.