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Welcome to Adventuretrkking, a personal blog of trekking enthusiast.They say that if something scares you, you should definitely do it to overcome the fear. Most people worldwide are scared to explore the rugged terrains of the mountains, but if they only could gather the courage to do so, they would have known what sort of beauty bestowed by nature they have been missing. Trekking in Europe is a lifetime treasure in itself. I have been a trekker all my life and have been doing so since past 20years. Even then I can tell you that mountains have never failed to surprise me and they keep calling me again and again. You can trek all around the world, but I can say from my experience that trekking in Europe can match nowhere in the world in terms of safety and the thrill factor. When I’m trekking in Europe, I forget everything. I don’t even think about playing my favorite online casino games, but once I got back home, the first thing I do is visit, and see if some attractive bonuses are there.There must be some reason behind trekking in Europe being the favorite adventure of the Europeans and people who visit Europe in their life. So let’s hear the mountains calling and go explore the world of trekking in Europe.

Best Trekking Tracks Across Europe

Europe has got some of the best trekking tracks about which we shall talk in this section:

My Recent Trekking Trips

Europe has many trekking destinations that will all leave you with different experiences from the other one. Those who think that just one trek a lifetime will give you all experiences related to trekking, I am sorry to say that you are as wrong as the people who used to believe that the sun revolves around the earth. As I have earlier said that I have been trekking for 20 years now and I still feel amazed to go on different routes to trek and I come back with the newest memories every time. The last trek I went was to the highlands in Iceland that led to a trail in Laugavegur. This trekking in Europe involves hike on the lava fields of Iceland, a trek to the picturesque lake of Alftavatn, a trek to the Syðri Emstruá canyon and a magnanimous lake in it and lastly the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. We were a group of 11 among whom there were two twelve year’s old kids and a man of 70. Other varied between the ages of 25-65. It was a 5 days trek that begun and ended at Reykjavik. This trek required us to camp in the terrains which were wonderful as we were all carrying the essential equipment.

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