Trekking In Kumaon Himalayas :  In Kumaon, are  situated , some of the finest hills stations, in not only India but the world, which combines the amusements and comforts  of modern hill resort with easy access to the most magnificent natural surroundings. Kumaon Himalayas have anything and everything that an avid trekker would desire, valleys, flora, fauna, lakes, rivers, peaks, you name it and Kumaon Himalayas have it. It is a second-to-none experience that would make a trekker come for more again and again
Let us take you on a trip across northern part of India, a glorious temples of nature abounding in wild life and invaluable spiritual treasures. The Land Of Gods, in the midst of this remarkable environment, we provide you with unforgettable adventures activities and reminiscence that shall linger in your memories for time to comes.


At a reflex level, trekking is a physical challenge: a simple desire to pick a path and measure up to the terrain and the elements. The Adventure component adds the spice of uncertainty, raising the stakes for you to test yourself in unfamiliar territory.

On a deeper level, trekking is a bridge between ancient lifestyle : the fixed vision of a settler counterbalanced by the transient motion of a nomad. As an evolution from a simplification, a reduction to portable basics, and implicit trust in your ability to define what you need to live.

Of course, every trek is different and unique. To help you choose which trek is best for you please contact us or call us for more information and advice as treks can change from year to year.