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Ladakh is popularly known as the, Land of numerous passes and mystic lamas, broken moon, little Tibet and last Shangrila. Ladakh is a land bounded by two of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram, it lies athwart two other, the Ladakh range and the Zanskar range. The faces and physique of the Ladakhis, and the clothes they wear, are more akin to those of Tibet and Central Asia than of India         

Ladakh offers great cope for undertaking adventure activities amidst landscapes of breathtaking, rugged beauty. The most popular and best established among these are trekking, mountaineering, safari and river-rafting. The trekking options range from short, day-long walks up and down mountain slopes to visit monuments or monastic settlements, or long, Trans-mountain treks involving weeks of walking and camping in the wilderness.



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imageMarkha Valley Via Nimaling  ::  9 Days    :    climate – Dry / cold   :  Height – 3000 to 5500m    :   cloths – imageHeavy Woolen Landscape-Grey

imageNubra Valley- Karakoram Range ::  12 Days

imageRupshu-Changtang-Tsomoriri     ::   11 Days

imageLamayuru-Padum-Darcha     ::   22 Days


Tsomoriri to Kibber TREKKING IN LADAKH
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Duration 7-8 days
Best Time September to October
Highest Point Parang La (5580m)
Highlight People, Village, Wildlife and High Passes.
Physical Challenge Moderate 

Ladakh is a land like no other. Bounded by two of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram, it lies athwart two other, the Ladakh range and the Zanskarrange. In geological terms, this is a young land, formed only a few million years ago by the buckling and folding of the earth’s crust as the Indian sub-continent pushed with irresistible force against the immovable mass of Asia.

Description: Drive six hours to Tsomoriri Lake or Korzok; headquarter of nomads via Chumathang and Mahay Bridge along the Indus River. After a night halt start your acclimatization walk for a day, where you can visit Changpa nomades and have wonderful view Tsomoriri Lake. Third you will start you trek along the Tsomoriri Lake with beautiful landscape. The trail turns southward from Nurboo Sumdo and start walking along Parang chu valley towering snow Peak Mountains. Seventh day you will walk on a glacier mountain for 3. 30 minutes to reach Parangla 5880m. Crossing the pass the landscape suddenly changes with high mountains of Lahul & Spiti and Kibber viilage in Himachal Pradesh is reached after another day trek. Your trek wonderful trek is finished here. After the trek you can extend trip and visit Ki, Lhalung, Pin and Tabo monasteries of Spiti Valley by Jeep. From here we drive back to Manali and then to Delhi to fly back homeLAMAYURU – ALCHI TREK IN LADAKH HIMALAYA
Duration 15 days 6 days moderate to strenuous trekking
Season Jul to Sep
Physical Challenge Moderate 

This outstanding trek begins with a drive down the Indus River from Leh to visit the ancient and spectacularly sited Lamayuru monastery and camp. We then trek through the village of Shilla to the camp at Wanla. On day 2 we hike along the Yarpola river to Phanjila, where we enter the Ripchar valley and hike to Hinju. After a hearty breakfast, we hike up to the Konzke La pass (16,080 ft) with expansive views of the Karakorum and Zanskar Mountains. We then descend and camp. We continue down the Sumdah Chu river to the isolated village of Sumdah-Chenmo and then on to a camp by the river. We hike through a muti-hued valley and then turn up a tributary and follow it to our next camp above Sumdah-Choon. On our final trek day we ascend to the Stakspi La pass (16,980 ft) where our strenuous efforts are rewarded with majestic views of the Indus valley. The trail descends down the valley all the way to the historic village of Alchi with its 11th century monastery. After visiting the monastery the next morning, we drive back to Leh, visiting the Likir monastery on the way. MARKHA VALLEY TREK  IN LADAKH HIMALAYAS
ladakh trekking, ladakh trekking tours, himalaya trekking, zanskar treks, zanskar trekking tour, leh ladakh travel Duration 9 days
Best Time June to October
Highest Point Kongmaru La (5135m)
Physical Challenge Moderate 

The Markha Valley Trek is certainly one of the most varied and beautiful treks in the world. It ventures high into the Himalayas crossing two passes over 15,000 ft. as it circles from the edges of the Indus Valley, down into parts of Zanskar, and passes through terrain that changes from incredibly narrow valleys to wide open vast expanses. It is made all the more interesting by the ancient form of Buddhism that flourishes in the many monasteries that dot the landscape perched high atop hills. As we trek to the upper end of the Markha Valley we are rewarded with spectacular views of jagged snow capped peaks before cross the 16500 ft. Gongmarlu Pass and descending to the famous Hemis monastery, where we end our trek. The trek has alternative route from Spituk also.

Trespassers on the Roof of the World.

Trekking into Ladakh’s Markha Valley

Duration : 18 to 21 Days. Delhi to Delhi

Season : June – July – August – September

Summary : The eight day trek through the Markha valley, preceded by the high altitude jeep journey, and both excellent ways to adventure in Ladakh. Commencing in Himachal Pradesh, lush and green, we gradually make our way to the high Himalayan desert. Buddhist culture, an unique biodiversity, and well as dramatic views from mountain passes are all fattened.

PadumDarcha Trek

Ladakh Treks - Ladakh tour operators offering ladakh treks, ladakh trekking in ladakh trekking tours in ladakh treks, trekking in ladakhDuration : 9 Days

Season : June till September

Level : Easy to Moderate

Location : Lugnal valley, Southeast of Zanzkar, to Lahaul in Himachal

Route : Padum-Shilla Camp-Reru-Changpa Tsetan-Purne-Phuktal-Purne-Kargyak-Shingo La Base-Ramjak-Pal Lhamo

Summary : PADUM TO DARCHA is a fairly easy first trek in the trans-Himalaya. The only difficult bit you’ll come across will be on the day you cross the Shingo La Pass (5050m). But it’s not a hard if you start the trek at Padum and have time to acclimatise. Trekking the other way around is harder, and also dangerours, because you start at 3300m and zoom up to 5050m in the first three days. The lovely route will take you towards Lungnak, the valley southeast of Zanskar, the historical trade route between Lahaul in Himachal and Zanskar.


Duration : 4-5 Days

Season : Mid June till late September

Level : Moderate

Location : Southwest of Leh

Route : Spituk-Zingchan-Rumbak-Stok La campsite-Stok

Summary : The trek traditionally starts at the bridges over the Indus about a kilometers west of Spituk village, but over the Indus about a kilometer west of Spituk village, but you can skip the two-hour, not-very-nice walk to Zinghan if you take the jeepable road that runs nearly all the way there. Have a taxi drop you to a point opposite Phey village. From this point onwards it is a charming walk along the descending road along the Indus. A little beyond Zingchan, you’ll find a sign welcoming you to Hemis NP. THe hardest segment of the trek lies between Rumbak and Stok La campsite, when you’ll climb the 4900m Stok Pass.

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Trekking in Zanskar

zhanskar mountain tours, leh ladakh travel, ladakh tours, leh ladakh tour, leh and ladakh, tours in ladakh, ladakh adventure toursTrekking in Zanskar region is not easy. The treks are often rough & steep, the passes high and the climate – extreme. There are some strenuous treks starting from Lahaul Valley through the Zanskar region and ending in Padum or further to Lamayuru & Leh. The famous treks starting from Lahaul valley, traversing Zanskar and ending in Leh are as-



* Darcha Lamayuru Trek Via Shingo La  :: 20 Days Trek

* Baralacha Lamayuru Trek Via Phirtse La ::  18 Days

* Lamayuru Leh Trek ::  15 Days

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Trekking in Lahaul & Spiti spiti trekking.trekking to spiti himalaya,india spiti tours


For most people Lahaul is a halfway point for trekking into the Zanskar valley, while Spiti marks the conclusion of a trek over the Pin Parbati pass from the Kullu valley. However, there are some excellent treks, starting from Lahaul in particular.

Some of the famous treks that can be undertaken in Lahaul & Spiti are –




* Chandertal Lake Trek  :: 8 Days

* Pin Parvati Pass Trek :: 21 Days

* Bhaba Pass Trek  ::  15 Days

* Darcha Lamayuru Trek ::  21 Days

* Baralacha Lamayuru Trek  :: 20 Days


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  • Duration : 13 Nights / 14 Days
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  • Ladakh Monastery Trek
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  • Lamayuru Alchi Trek
  • Duration : 13 Nights / 14 Days
  • Lamayuru Martselang Trek
  • Duration : 13 Nights / 14 Days
  • Ladakh Zanskar Trek
  • Duration : 13 Nights / 14 Days
  • Frozen River Trek
  • Duration : 13 Nights / 14 Days
  • Wild Ladakh Trek
  • Duration : 13 Nights / 14 Day
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