Roopkund, from where another trek goes to Pindari Glacier.

Kund means “Pond” in Hindi. The pond is at around a height of 5300 m,

set beneath the towering summit of Trisul (7120m).
This mysterious lake was famous in the early sixties because of the existence

of more than 300 hundreds human and animal skeletons visible beneath the surface.


Teams of anthropologists visited this site to establish facts about the remains thought to be

over 500 years old, probably pilgrims en route to Homkund to pay homage to the goddess

Nanda Devi, who were trapped by avalanches and snowstorms in the 14th century.

Other theories hold that the skeletons are the remnants of an army of the

Dogra general from Jammu, Zorawar Singh of Kashmir,

coming back from a raid to Tibet in the 17th century.

However, it is one of the most popular treks in the Garhwal division

as it abounds in spectacular mountain scenery.
The panoramic view of the Western Himalaya and the undulating

alpine meadows of Bedni leaves an great impression.



10 days

1 st : Debal (289km motor road from Rishikesh), further drive to Lohajung 24km.

2 nd : 12 km trek to Wan, overnight in camp.

3 rd : 12 km trek to Bedni, overnight in camp.

4 th : 12 km trek to Bhagubasa cave, overnight in camp.

5 th : 5 km trek to Roopkund, overnight in camp.

6 th : Return back to Bhagubasa Cave, overnight in camp.

7 th : Trek back to Bedni Kund, overnight in camp.

8 th : Back to the village Wan, overnight in camp.

9 th : Drive to Lohajung, overnight in camp.

10 th : Drive back to Joshimath / Rishikesh.