For the best possible trip, two points have to be cleared up:

1. What is your physical condition ?

2. What are the weather and flora at the time of the year you trek/ bike/ raft.

About your physical condition, 3 levels can be defined in general:

1. You like to walk but you never did any trekking

for five days or more in the mountains (above 2000m.), sleeping in a tent by fresh nights…

You don’t have any regular practice of sports.

You don’t know what it really means to acclimatize to the altitude.

The question is also to know if you are dizzy.

2. You have already some experience of trekking in high mountains

or you have a regular practice of sport like biking, jogging, climbing

3. You have already a long experience in trekking/ moutaineering in high mountains (above 3000m.)

and want to do long trekkings/ expeditions in Garhwal Himalayas.

The guides of Adventure Trekking have permits which allow them

to organize expeditions in this area.

If you belong to the 1st and 2nd levels, our advice is to do first one short trek (3 or 4 days)

to acclimatize. Then you’re ready for a second longer one.

We provide before departure all important informations and recommendations

to start in the best way!

If you belong to the 3rd level, just contact us to organize a trek or an expedition,

at least one month before (to get in time indian permits). The sooner, the better!



on the way to Gangharia

For the weather, the trekking season is determined by winter snowfall and the monsoon.

From April to end of october, snow conditions are good for biking and trekking.

The monsoon starts in june to middle of august: it means regular short rains,

and by far the best season for flowers which proliferate in the upper valleys,

creating a carpet of brilliantly mixed colours.

April/ may/ september/ october are the dryer months

with a lot of sunshine, a little bit colder.