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Feeling a little worse for fear ? Let Garhwal Himalayas soothe and heal you with the best wellness yoga & meditation holidays : from Ashrams to plush resorts; from hot springs to cool spas. Come Rediscover harmony of mind and body, in the serenity of nature…….


The secrets of the ancient science of Yoga were passed down from the Rishis, saints and sages who came to these very Himalayas for divine inspiration. Through their meditation, austerities and prayers, a treasure-chest of wisdom was bestowed upon them for the benefit of humanity

Minimum 2 persons traveling together can have dates as per the requirement.


DAY 01. One can take a train/drive to Rishikesh from Delhi.
Arrive and transfer to High Bank Peasants Cottage. Late evening visit the Ghats for Arti, dedicated to Goddesses Ganga .Overnight Guest House.DAY 02.
Drive to Joshimath. Drive 8 / 9 Hrs. O/N – Himalayan Retreats Camp & Resorts. O/N – Resort.

Joshimath lays on the slopes of the mountains above the rivers Alknanda en Dhauliganga

and has many important temples, inclusive the temple of Ugra Narshima, which is dedicated

to the half human/half lion incarnation of the God Vishnu.

Adi Guru Shankaracharya, who came from Kerala (south of India) arrived in the 8th century,

gave all world luxury, became a vegetarian and meditated under a tree

untill he was enlighted. Then he started a MATH (meditation place/ temple),

named “Jyotirmath” (‘jyoti‘ means light). The name Joshimath comes from it.

The temples of Narsingh, dedicated toVishnu in his lionform and Nav Durga are situated here.

DAY 03.
Early morning have a nice  walk inside huge dense forest. Day reserve for relax. O/N – Resort.

Today we will do relaxation, asana, followed up by yognindra. After nutritious breakfast, day free for own activities. Optional you can take rafting trip or can do temple tour for half a day. Evening followed by modern meditation. and class of suggestion therepy. Meals and overnight guest House.

DAY 04.
Today we will do relaxation, asana, followed up by yognindra. After nutritious breakfast, day free for own activities.O/N – Resort

DAY 05.
Early morning wake up for Pranayam & advance technique of Yoga. Evening followed by meditation and curative yoga. Meals and overnight O/N – Resort .

DAY 06.
Early morning practice advance posture of yoga & vipasna .Day free for own activities. Evening have a nice hiking with a magnificent view of Himalayan Ranges and panoramic peaks, hike down through dense forest after crossing a flat green

DAY 06.  Drive

One can stay back / take Shatabdi Express back to Delhi or drive to onward destination.

Important : The yoga activities in the course are flexible and will change as per the requirement.

The Package Cost are Includes:

  1. Accommodation (Twin Sharing for Double) at High Bank Peasants Cottage.
  2. All vegetarian hygienic meals during the entire stay at High Bank Peasants Cottage.
  3. Services of traditional Indian Yoga teacher and lectures on Hinduism and others by renowned saints of the area.
  4. Visit to ashrams and other places as per itinerary.
  5. Excursion to Vaisistha Goofa and sight seing of Rishikesh with Arti with guide.


  1. Items of personal nature e.g table-drinks, laundry, telephone, insurance & optional tours.
  2. Transportation to and from Rishikesh, which can be arranged on additional cost.

Ayurveda -The Science of Life

Originated 6000 years ago in the foothills of Himalayas,  Ayurveda is the time tested holistic science for human body, mind and soul. Most authentic Indian Vedas has detailed description of  Ayurvda.

The Rig Veda, a compilation of verse on the nature of existence, also contains the description of the character of illness and wellness, pathogenesis and principles of natural treatments intended to bring individuals to a condition of equilibrium within their environment and within themselves.

Ayurveda, a word derived from the Sanskrit Ayur (Life) and Veda (knowledge) is essentially a Science of Life founded on the laws of nature. In 100 AD, the physician and scholar, Maharishi Charka, compiled the most comprehensive document in existence on internal medicine using Ayur (Life) is made up of four fundamentals : mind, body, senses and spirit. Ayurvedic physicians are therefore extensively and comprehensively trained in the use of diet, yoga, meditation and a vast nature-based pharmacopoeia, which they use to assist each individual to achieve and maintain mental, physical and spiritual balance.


Ayurveda is one of the ancient traditional, time tested life science of India, believes that – Body is governed by Panchamahabhoot(five basic eliments)& Givatma(soul). The concept of Ayurveda is “ Dosha(Vata, Pitta, Kapha) Dhatu(7-Body building materials) Mala(Excreta, Urine) are the basic structure of the body. Imbalance of any structure out of these is causes illness of the body & ayurvedic treatments help to restore of these imbalance without any side effect.


The process of removal of waste products & toxic substances from the whole body,which is deposited at weak points in the body on the regular basis like seasonal changes,air,water,food impurities and also stress & tensionfull life. Panchakarma   includes three karmas i.e. Poorvakarma(Preparation of the body – Ayurvedic Massage Shirodhara and Steam etc..), Pradhanakarma(Panchakarma-main process), Pashchatkarma(diet / Rasayan therapy). A particular Panchakarma therapy is given according to the individual constitution & ailments(Prakriti & Vikriti respectively.

Poorvakarma(Preparation of the body)

 A pre-purification procedure to preparation of the body for main Panchakarma, It includes-Body Massage (snehana), Shirodhara , Steam (swedana), – These are the specific type of softening & oileation procedure by medicated oils applicate externally or enternally or both as required. Snehana karma helpes the toxins to move towords the channel(Gastrointestinal tract) for elimination.

Indication- Seasional Problemes ,Vata vyadhi(Nervous disorders), Arthritis, Paralysis, Backache, Sciatica, Insomnia, Depresion, Anxiety, Mental retardation,PID, Vertibral degeneration, Spondilosis etc.

Pradhan karma (Main Panchakarma procedure)

The five procedure of Panchakarma for balancing the Vata, Pita, Kaph & five element i.e. Space,Air, Fire, Water & Earth also.These procedures are Vaman Karma, Virachan Karma, Basti Karma, Nasya Karma& Raktamokshana Karma. 

1-Vaman Karma(Therapeutic Vomiting)- Vaman is the most effective therapy for Kapha disorderer . Vaman is not a stomach washing. It is whole body cleasening process.

Indications- Seasonal cleaneging, Cough, Asthma, Obesity, Indigestion, Skin problemes, Hyperacidity, etc.

2-Virechan Karma(Purgation Therapy)-

Virechana is most effective therapy of Pitta related disorders.It is not only intestinal cleansing, It is whole body cleansing by creating a medicated Diarrhoea. It eliminates all toxins & waste products through anus.

Indications- Seasonal cleansing,Skin diseases, Allergy, Fever, Hottnes in the body, Constipation, Piles& Fistula, Gout, Diabetes,Poisioning.

3-Basti-(Enema Therapy)

The combination of herbal oils,decoctions, ghee, salt is given through the Anus into the intestine.It is most effective therapy for Vata disorders.

Indications-Seasonal cleansing, Nervous disorder, Jouindice, Paralysis, Arthritis, Obesity, Back pain, Gout, Constipation, Muscular atrophy, etc.

4-Nasya karma(Nasal administration)

Nasal drops into each nostril for elimination of excess bodily humours accumulated in sinuses,throat, nose & head areas. “Nasa hi sirso dwaram”It means Nose is the doorway of the Brain, according to Ayurveda.

Indications- All urdhwagatrugata problems ie. Seasonal cleansing, Sinusitis, Headache, Migraine, Nasal pollip, Hair fall, Baldness etc.

5-Raktamokshan Karma(Blood Letting)

It is Leech application for purification & cleansing of deep seated Blood toxins. Imbalance of pita goes to blood causes toxicity of blood.

Indications- Seasonal cleansing, All skin problems, Arthritis, Gout, eczema etc.

Pashchat Karma(Diet/Rasayana therapy)

 It is last process of Panchakarma. 

It includes-

1-Sansarjan karma(Diet Therapy)-  It is restablishment of Jathragni(Digestive power) and obtaining body capacity after main Panchkarma which is lossed by Karma.In this karma special Diet schedule is given.

2-Sanshaman Karma(Medicine therapy)-   Ayurvedic medicine  is given for the diseased person. The medicine absorbs very well after Cleansening of Body.

3-Rasayan karma(Ayurvedic tonic)-                                                                                 A rejuvenation process for prevention of early aging and provides the strong immunity to the body.

4-Vajikaran Karma-  It is also a tonic therapy for improvement of sexual capacity & body power.