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image Auli resort is located at the attitude of 2915 mts to 3049 extendable to gorson 3400 mts and the ski slopes are spread over 5 to 7 square kms. Auli offers a 180 degrees panoramic view of mt.Nandadevi, Mana parvat, Dunagiri, Bethartoli, Nilkantha, Nar&Narayan Parvat, Hathi & Ghori Parvat and many more Himalayan peaks.Auli has become a prominent Tourist and ski resort in the country. More than a dozen national level skiing championships have already been successfully conducted in the past.
Food & Accomodation
Adventure Trekking Pvt.Ltd provides comfortable and well attended residential facility at both Auli and Joshimath .Specially designed log – huts at Auli offer comfortable stay in pristine surroundings. The Himalayan Adventure Holidays canteen caters to meals, both vegetarian and non- vegetarian, beverages and snacks.
Facilities Of Skiing
A A state of art ski lift ,which have been imported from France. The ski lift is 500 mts long, which makes it the longest in the country.
B The slopes of auli also have the luxury of an 800 mts long chair lift, linking the lower slopes with upper slopes.
C There are two snows –beaters imported from Germany.
D Dressed and improved ski slopes, which makes the slopes of auli ideal for hosting skiing festivals and competitions.
E A 3.9 kms long ropeway links joshimath with auli . it covers a track distance of 4.15 kms and is the longest ropeway in Asia in zig back system. It has ten towers of self supporting steel structures with saddles and shoes .remote controlled hydraulic and pneumatic braking system make it the safest ropeway . Besides, most sophisticated electronic circuitry with telemetry, and storm- warning devices are used to minimize Human error.
How To Get There
Air The nearest airport is at jolly grant (17kms from rishikesh 26 kms from dehradun and 274 kms from auli)
Rail The nearest rail heads are rishikesh,haridwar and dehradun.
Road Auli is only a 14 kms . Drive from joshimath .state transport and union buses ply regularly between joshimath and rishikesh (257 kms), haridwar (281kms), dehradun(298kms.) and delhi(500kms)
Other Useful Informations
Local Transport From joshimath onward , both bus and taxi services are available for auli. Deluxe coaches can also be arranged with prior notice.
Cable Car The most popular way to drop in at auli is by the 3.9 kms long famed cable car. the captive beauty alpine forest and the cool climate can be experienced while traveling by the ropeway .
Food Enroute to auli are gamut of cuisines available in various food-outlets restaurants.
Travel Kit Tourists are advised to bring woolen clothing’s, cap, socks, dark glasses, gloves, mufflers, pullovers, wind proof jacket, gum/snow boots and a torch light. These accessories are a must for the tourist, keeping in mind the weather conditions of auli, where the temperature drops to as low as – 3 C in winters although it is moderately cold in the summers.
Skiing Equipment The tourists who are interested in skiing may bring the equipment of their choice with them. ski equipment of their choice with them Ski equipment is also available on hire.
Medical facilities Adequate medical facilities are available at auli and joshimath and medical assistance can be easily obtained from army and civil hospitals.
Communication In Auli, communication is done by telephones, wireless sets and Internet only at 3 star resorts  Cliff Top..

Skiing Packages for Auli in India

Skiing Program for Auli

Month 5 Days 7 Days 10 Days 14 Days
January 5 /  15 / 25 10 / 22 /  30  10 / 22 /  30 10 / 22 /  30
February 2 / 10 / 17 7 / 17 /  25 7 / 27 2 / 18
March 1 / 7 1 / 9 1 / 10 1
Course Fees
Course Category 5 Days 7 Days 10 Days 14 Days
Up to 35 Students Rs 11,,989/- Rs 14,,989/- Rs 21,989/- Rs 29,989/-
Terms & Conditions
1 Fee includes boarding, lodging {sharing accommodation in} ski equipment, {skies ski bootnd ski pole, ski lift, and rope way ride.
2 Student under the age of 18 year are required to submit a certificate of date of birth.
3 Student are requested to send the duly filled application form along with 50%of fees in advance by bank draft drawn in favour of Adventure Trekking Pvt.Ltd  payable at Delhi / Rishikesh / JOSHIMATH / Uttarakashi / Manali.
4 The balance 50% of the fee will have to be deposited by bank draft/cash at the time of joining the course at AULI
5 Participants must be physically fit for snow skiing course.
6 In case of accidental damage or loss of ski equipment the full lost of equipment and an additional penalty shall be charged from the concerned individual on the sport.


The Swiss ropeway from Joshimath to Auli!                                                    © Photo: Santosh Kunwar