Indian  Himalayas contains some of the world’s most diverse and breathtakingly beautiful challenging impressive peaks of the Himalayan chain in the north, high-altitude plains and remote mountain passes.
Catch the most panoramic views of the incomparable land of Indian Himalayas. The Indian Himalayas takes you across the lovely land that it dotted with a variety of thrill adventure destinations.


base camp trekking himalaya,himalaya base camp trekking,tours himalaya peak,himalaya peak base camp trekGarhwal and Kumaon contain some of the finest trekking peak of the Himalayan yet this is an area surprisingly ignored by most western visitors who prefer the better-known regions of Ladakh or Nepal. Garhwal’s attraction lies in the fact that the dense forests covering the slopes are still in mostly Virgin condition and the trails many passing through quiet villages, offer outstanding views of the Himalayan peaks.
Take an awe-inspiring tour of the world’s greatest mountain range–the Himalayas. Through Indian Himalayas, you can study the geology of these mountains, find why many feel “called” to trek this region, and look closely at the environmental challenges present. Well-written, with beautiful pictures, it’s easy to get a true feeling for the majesty of this part of the world. Base Camp trekking is the best mountain holidays for those who wants to get away from normal surroundings or those seeking the discoveries which fall out side the normal and mundane. Cradled in the foot -hills of the mightiest mountains in the Indian Himalayas, we offer the toughest, highest, most beautiful mountains for those intoxicated with the spirit of adventure, either for a serious and dangerous sport of Base Camp trekking. Our Base Camp trekking depend on level grade :


Trekking Peak In Indian Himalayas


                                                      Base Camp Trekking In Garhwal Himalayas
Pangarchulli Peak :
base camp trekking india,india himalaya base camp trekking tours,tours himalaya peak,himalaya trekking peak Region : Garhwal Himalayas
Duration : 6/8 Days.
Altitude : 5155 m.
Place covered : Rishikesh – Joshimath – Khulara – Kuaripass Base – Pangarchuli
Best Season : April / May / June / August / September / October/ November / Mid December

Summary : Situated in the Kuari Khal ridge, magnificent view of Himalayan ranges and snow capped peaks are touring this region. Nanda Ghunti , Beather toil , Himala and many unnamed peaks will refresh your glory. A short 2 days trek from Kuaripass Base to approach Pabgarchuli. Near by the negotiable flat meadow which is known as Deyari Sera, flashes with lush of green grass and a number of various flowers can be easily encounter on this trip. 6 days trek from Joshimath to Pangarchuli Base.
Dronagiri Peak : Chang Bang Peak : Kalanka Peak : Garure Peak : Lampak Peak Base Camp trekking :
Dronagiri peak,base camp trekking to dronagiri peak,india dronagiri peak trekking Region : Garhwal Himalayas
Duration : 8 /10 days.
Altitude : 4490m.
Place covered : Rishikesh – Joshimath – Jumma – Dronagiri Col – Bagni Kharak – Bagni Glacier.
(Bagni Kharak is the Base Camp Of All Above peaks)
Best Season : May / June / August / September / October
Summary : The trek passes through over high bridge and glaciers , covering beautiful village Jumm and Dronagiri. Its 12 kms trek from Dronagiri col , crossing high patch glacier and boldering / moran area. The Base camp is situated in the glacier named Bagni, the camp is surrounded by snow capes peaks which appear like to touch them. Most important peaks which shine the Bagni Kharak are Chang Bang / Kalanka / Garure Dome one can further make the trip to Kalla khal and kanarikhal, where the enchanting towering peak Lampak, Kunti Bhandar ,attracts climbers to chase. Every year a number of climbers come to show there ability to chase the peaks. Its only 21 kms trek from Dronagiri village or 19 km from Malarie (64 kms from Joshimath).
Nanda Devi Groups Of Peaks : Base Camp Trekking :
nandadevi group of peaks,nandadevi group peak trekking,trekking base camp nandadevi,nandadevi base camp trekking Region : Garhwal Himalayas
Duration : 10 / 12 Days.
Altitude : 4890m.
Place covered : Rishikesh – Joshimath – Tolma – Dharasii pass – Nanda Devi National Park.
Best Season : May : June : August : September : October.

Summary : This unique mountain area covering 630 sq. kms is endowed with the biotic and physical tourist resources of par excellence. The park is encircled by a vast ring of lofty mountains giving it a shape of natural fortress . Some of the important peaks in the area are Dunagiri ( 7066 mts), Changbang ( 6864 mts), Kalanka (6932 Mts) , Rishipahar ( 6992 Mts), NandaKhat (6611mts), Maiktoli (6303 Mts), Mrigthuni (6565mts) , Bethartoli Himal ( 6352 Mts) ,Trishul I & II ( 7120 Mts and 6319 mts), while Nanda East ( 7434 M0 and Nanda Devi ( 7817 Mts) are prominent peaks in the area.
Bhagirithi Peak : Shivling Peak : Kedar Dome Peak : Meru Peak : Base Camp Trekking :
shivling peak,shivling peak trekking,shivling base camp trekking,base camp to shivling peak Region : Garhwal Himalayas – Uttarakashi
Duration : 8 /10 days.
Altitude : Ma. 4260m.
Place covered : Rishikesh : Uttarakashi : Gangotri : Gangotri glacier : Tapovan
Best Season : May / June / August / September / October.

Summary : Trail passes through Uttarakashi to Gangotri a drive 0f 99 kms, last point of motor road .From Gangotri move along the beaten track towards Chirbasa, which offers a clear view of the Bhagirathi Peak. Beyond Chirbasa the terrain becomes really desolate – From Chirbasa it’s on to Bhojwasa. Gaumukh, the source of the sacred river Ganges, is just four kilometers ahead. From Gaumukh to Tapovan the ascent is steep. Nandanvan situated at the base of the Bhagirathi group of peaks, can be reached after crossing the Gangotri Glacier. It is an alpine meadow nestling in the shadow of the Bhagirathi peaks. From here, the Shivlinga Peak looks like an ice-cream cone rising towards the sky. There are ideal spots for camping, which are also base camps for Bhagirathi, Shivling, Meru, Kedardom and many other peaks.e peaks.

Other Base Camp trekking Peak in Garhwal Himalayas

Thalaysagar Peak , Jogin goups of peaks , Bhrigupanth Peak : 4425 m :  The base camp of these peaks is Kedartal, bhagirithi group of peak,bhagirithi peak,bhagrithi peak base camp trekking,india bhagrithi base camp trekking which can  be approached by Gangotri. 18 kms trek commands to reach the base camp. The trek is very tiring and there are testing moments even for a hardy trekker. Trek from Gangotri to kedar tal is negotiable through a rough and tough mountain trail. The base camp situated near by beautiful lake named Kedartal. The lake is crystal clear with the mighty Thalayasagar (Sphatikl-ing) peak froming a splendid backdrop.
Neelkanth Peak : 6596m : A pyramidical – shapped snowy peak towering above Badrinath, popularly known as the base camp trekking,neelkanth base camp trekking,neelkant peak india himalaya ‘Garhwal Queen’. The base  camp situated at a elevation of 4270m, through a  green grassy meadow. Neelkanth peak is shining pyramid of white crystal which are even ready to change their colour and hue—it reflects the first red glow od dawn into the valley and the sunset it glitters like a golden temple.Neelkantha embodies all the divinity of this divine land. It is mountainous form of Lord Badrivishal.
Trishul peak (7120m) : Nandaghunti (6309m) : The trail passes through thick forest and some tiny villages. From Setel to trishul peak,india trishul peak trekking,trekking peak trishul,base camp trek trishul Sutol one hve to trek 10 kms , further a steep 15 km trek to Lata khopri , crossing inside dense forest and springs. Defiantly after reaching Homkund via Chandanighat , one forget everything while a magnificent view of Mt.Trishul and Nandaghunti comes to seems  towering its face in front of Homekund lake.

Mt. Kamet 7756m : Abhigamin Peak 7354m : Mana Peak 7273m : Deoban Peak  6820m : Ganesh Peak 6535m

mana peak,india mana peak trekking,base camp trekking peak manaMt.Kamet is the third highest peak in India after Kanchenjunga (8598m) and Nanda Devi (7817m). The trek leads from Gamsali (the last road head) up to Vasundhara Tal , the base camp of Mt.Abhigamin & Mt.Kamet. While to approach the base camp one have to passes, a beautiful village Niti (Last boarder village),Sepuk, Nanda Kharak along the banks of Dhauliganga river. The trail is difficult passing through Dhauli ganga near Sepuk. It is main hurdle ivolved, in reaching the Base camp, this river roars during summer and monsoon seasons. The base camp Vashundhara tal is much pretty than other base camp. Its surrounded with snow capped peaks. The are of base camp is boldering infect thre is a small meadow where we can make a camp. The altitude of base cam is 4800m, thus this is most difficult Base camp trek, one have to be fit in physical fitness to face this challenge of Base camp. For Mana peak and Deoban Peak one have to trek 8 kms further from Vashundhara tal. The base camp of these peaks is Dobla tal.